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Tendring Technology College
Robotics club Useful Stuff 28/9/2016

  These pages contain useful information for the Robotics club,
- programs, data sheets, diagrams and
- lists of what to do next

Please go to the publicity website: where students can write pages that may be of interest to parents and visitors.
There is also a recent (December 2016) copy of some of the Write Shared Work Folders

PicAxe BASIC stuff here

with Wham!

Thomas , Oliver
Simple Line Followers
Really Slow Buggies
Arduino Maze solver
Arduino Wall Follower,
and Maze solver stuff here(Michael)
Artemis stuff(Henry)
Phone motor stuff(Ben)
Wham Wall-follower
Skorpio's stuff here
(Oliver,Zach, . . )
Wham Line-follower
Skorpio's,(Oliver, ???)
Purdie's stuff (Kaycie)

Wham Drag-racer
Gonzoomer's stuff here
(Daryl, Kaycie & William)
Sumo Robot
Sumo stuff here
Arduino etc etc
Lap Counter by compass
3-contest IET competition

Common Information:
See the section on Google Drive . .

Updated Mr F 28/9/2016