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New Website that you can edit

Artemis stuff here (Henry)

Wham Wall-follower
Wham Wall following stuff here (Alfie)

Wham Line-follower
Arno's stuff here (Josh)

Wham Drag-racer
Speedy Gonzoomer's stuff here (Daryl, Kaycie & William)

Simple Line

Getting started stuff here
Sumo Robot
Sumo stuff here
Arduino etc etc

Common Information:
See the section on Google Drive . .

1 Line following sensorsPhotos of the 3-sensor plugin module
1a Intelligent sensor modulePhotos of the intelligent Line sensor plugin module
4 Line following - how toNotes on Line following -( for Larry )
5 Wall following - Some notesList of Wall following Topics
6 Notes on TuningHow to tune the numbers in programs
7 Derivative controlHow to make your system more stable