Simple Simulator

- learn how the motors control the buggy’s movement. 

Buggy Motor Simulator :

This is a simple simulator that you can't program in Basic.
Use it to learn how the output pins control the buggy movement.

Click here to start the Simulator
Then use Alt/Tab to switch between this page and the simulator

What you have to do:
To show that you  have  learnt  about the  motors, draw a square or triangle using the trail 
  left by the simulated buggy in the simulator below.
Make sure you can get  the  buggy  to:

 - Go forwards and backwards

    - Turn to the right:  and  left:
    - Spin clockwise (to the right):   and anti-clockwise: 

Learn How:

Click on a selection of  the three the "Left  Motor" and "Right Motor" buttons to  control the  buggy:

The "Turn text" will show you the motion that  the buggy  will make / is making:
Note: you  need  to have the Power  ON in order  for the buggy to move:  


To begin with,  set up the  motors for the  movement you want BEFORE turning the power on.
Turn it off again to stop the movement.
Later, you should try changing the motor controls leaving the power on.

Task: Draw a square and a triangle like the pictures below without turning the power  off at the corners.
It  doesn't matter if it's a bit untidy!

Using TURNs to the  left

 Using Anti-clockwise SPINs


Extension: Draw a more complicated staircase: