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Level 6F Buggy

Aim: To understand about variables, counting and controlling motors Objective:
1)   Make the buggy go in a straight line.
2)   Using the variable b0 count how many times the subroutine
      forward is called when the buggy goes from one end of the
      arena to the other.
3)   The buggy should go from one wall to the other, turn around
      and then go half way back.

Produce a report:
1)   Outline the design criteria (future
       tense, 'what I will be doing')
2)  State who is the target audience.
3)   Write about the problems encountered
      in a log form. (present tense 'I am
      finding it difficult to……)
4)   Finally review the unit (past tense, 'it
      may have been better if I had …………..'

1)   Use as many worksheets as you
      need to.
2)   Don't be afraid to copy
      software from work you
      have done.
3)   Ask the teacher for help
      when you are stuck.
4)   Write down everything you do.
5)   Add comments to your

Level 6 Develop, try out and refine sequences of instructions to monitor, measure and control events, and show efficiency in framing these instructions

If you are successful you will be awarded level 6F and 3 merits.

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